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The Positives of Gambling

  • Posted by philg8
  • January 11th, 2010


There are positives when it comes to gambling, which are often overlooked when the subject is debated. The advent of online casino gambling in particular, has enabled family members to enjoy the casino experience from the comfort and safety of the home.

Job Creation

In the major gambling centres, such as Las Vegas, nearly 60 % of the city is employed by casinos. Imagine what would happen to Las Vegas if all the casinos suddenly stopped operating.


Gambling is for entertainment, as it should be. Those who can’t handle a loss, and have no discipline, unfortunately, are the ones who give gambling the negative spin. However, these types of gamblers only comprise about a quarter of the gambling population. This means that 75% of people do gamble responsibly, and embrace the entertainment value.

Community Benefits

Communities have always benefited from some form of gaming activity. This can take the form of support of junior sporting clubs and teams, charities for all purposes, and the construction of facilities to help the under privileged,  Minor gambling activities such as lotteries, and bingo, in particular, provide an avenue for a social outlet for many elderly people.

Health benefit

Retirees 65 years old and above who gamble, have proven to have less health issues because they find it exercises the mind and keeps them alert, They also regard themselves as recreational gamblers who enjoy the entertainment value. 

To summarise, it is not the gambling itself that makes it beneficial or harmful to the individual. It is the decision of the individual if gambling would rule him or he would rule his gambling habit.


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