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    To make the online casino experience enjoyable, be sure to select and review the sites carefully.  Take the time to ask yourself these questions:

    • Is the site authentic?  Look if it is government licensed
    • Does the site have a twenty four hour toll free customer service support
    • For slot machines and pokers, what is their smallest denomination?  Look for a variety in denominations.
    • How many versions of video poker do they offer?  They should have at least three, because this will be the basis that the site has money for the software, therefore it can afford to pay your winnings.
    • Does the casino site have a place to record and keep track of purchases and cash out?
    • Test the site by sending them a question by email. This will enable you to assess their customer care and service.
    • Does the site have a good reputation? What software does it use?  Know how to collect your winnings.  They should have detailed information about this.
    • How many days will it take for you to claim your winnings?  Some give payouts only once a month, and others every two weeks
    • What are the rules about bonuses?

    When gambling online, there are certain personal rules that should be adhered to. These will make sure casino gambling remains an enjoyable experience.

    • Do your homework.  Play only at authentic sites.
    • Allot a budget and never go beyond that budget.
    • Gamble only with money that you can afford to lose. 
    • Never mix alcohol and gambling.  They simply don’t work together. 
    • Make sure your data is protected at all times.  When signing up, check that the casino has a secure and data encrypted link.   
    • Spend time reading the rules to familiarize yourself with all the games.
    • Play by statistics.  Know the odds of the game.  Study it by numbers.
    • Know when to call it quits.  If you are already winning, stop.   If you are already losing more than your allocated daily budget, stop.  There is always another day.

    Ninety eight percent of online casino gambling is designed for recreation, so play to enjoy and  be entertained. If it gets to a point where it is no longer fun, where you play beyond your means, then stop now, or else, you may not be able to stop later.

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    As with any form of business, gambling has looked to ways of improving their market through the internet. Today, there are as many online gambling games as there are traditional gambling games. Every kind of game has their online counter parts on the Web, from poker to sports betting, every gambling activity seems to be online.

    Most proponents of online gambling assert that online gambling is just as safe as gambling in known casinos. Just like the usual casino, online casinos are also required to have their licenses and permits before engaging in online gambling.

    By doing so, online casinos are systematically regulated and audited. All online casinos use secure facilities, in cooperation with the credit card companies, so that the customers are being protected from unauthorized credit card use, or identity theft.

    Generally, gambling in an online casino will entice new players, by requiring them to deposit money, and then offering bonuses. An online casino that will offer you a free $100 for a $50 deposit is a good example. In this manner, more people believe that online gambling offers better chances than real-life gambling. However, this poses more risk in getting addicted to the game.

    For people who want to play online gambling, deposits can be made through NETeller,  myCitadel, or FirePay  Fire pay works like an ordinary online debit card. Normally, the player places money into the account and can be used with any online merchant.

    What’s more, online casinos are further classified into two groups based on their interface. Online casinos could either be web-based or download-based.

    Web-based casinos are forms of online gambling, wherein users may directly play online casino games, without having to load any software to the local computer. Online gambling is mainly presented in the browser plugins,  like Macromedia Flash, Shockwave, or Java.

    On the other hand, download-based online casinos are the most common online gambling sites on the Web. Here, online gambling users have to download certain software in order to play the casino games. And because it has pre-downloaded software, it is faster to initiate casino games on it compared to web-based casinos.

    All the same, and due to the basic nature of online gambling, any transactions with it are vulnerable to fraud. There are online gambling sites known as rogue casinos, wherein they refuse to pay the customers or contain cheating software. For this reason, it is imperative that people considering online gambling, do all research necessary to ensure that the casino experience will be safe, and enjoyable.

    Online gambling is a highly interactive activity, meaning whatever choices players make, are based on their own decisions. So, however enticing online gambling can be, players must know their own limitations.

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    What Is Online Gambling


    A wide choice of games, allowing the gambler to train, exercise, and refine the skills needed to enjoy the casino experience. Any game, anytime, and anywhere. This is online gambling.

    Considered one of the fastest growth areas on the internet, online gaming  offers all forms of gambling  such as poker, black jack, roulette, craps, slots and a lot more.  With its availability, a player can enjoy the  games in the comfort and safety of home.

    Though overwhelming at first, the player soon gets to be at ease and enjoy the casino experience in no time.  Casinos offers bonuses in many forms such as cash, free games and percentages, that players look forward to. This enables the player to try gaming without a large initial investment, and attracts people to play at certain sites. 

    There are rules in bonuses or incentives that the player should seek tuition in, to familiarize themselves with.

    *The maximum amount that a player may win which comes with a free account is limited.

    *Payouts on the amount won by a player that include free accounts, will take a while to be cleared.      This is due to the screening and checking of the individual’s records.

    *Free account payouts may be withdrawn only through certain methods of payment.

    *Before requesting  a payout, free accounts must be open for  a certain number of days beforehand.

    Here are some sites offering  bonuses:



                   Online Casino                                              Grand Online             



               Golden Palace Poker                                       Golden Palace 



                   Flamingo Club                                           24kt Gold Casino   


    The Online Gambling Process

    *Choose a safe and licensed casino, with good payouts and bonuses

    *Download the free software to start the online gambling process.

    *Set an account, providing all details where winnings can be sent.

     *Try the different games the site has to offer.

    *When confident consider playing for real money.

    *Claim your bonus.

    *Claim your winnings! Check out your casino site for details on how to claim it.


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    The Positives of Gambling


    There are positives when it comes to gambling, which are often overlooked when the subject is debated. The advent of online casino gambling in particular, has enabled family members to enjoy the casino experience from the comfort and safety of the home.

    Job Creation

    In the major gambling centres, such as Las Vegas, nearly 60 % of the city is employed by casinos. Imagine what would happen to Las Vegas if all the casinos suddenly stopped operating.


    Gambling is for entertainment, as it should be. Those who can’t handle a loss, and have no discipline, unfortunately, are the ones who give gambling the negative spin. However, these types of gamblers only comprise about a quarter of the gambling population. This means that 75% of people do gamble responsibly, and embrace the entertainment value.

    Community Benefits

    Communities have always benefited from some form of gaming activity. This can take the form of support of junior sporting clubs and teams, charities for all purposes, and the construction of facilities to help the under privileged,  Minor gambling activities such as lotteries, and bingo, in particular, provide an avenue for a social outlet for many elderly people.

    Health benefit

    Retirees 65 years old and above who gamble, have proven to have less health issues because they find it exercises the mind and keeps them alert, They also regard themselves as recreational gamblers who enjoy the entertainment value. 

    To summarise, it is not the gambling itself that makes it beneficial or harmful to the individual. It is the decision of the individual if gambling would rule him or he would rule his gambling habit.


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